Isaiah 61 One: Bringing Worshipers into the Presence of God

Isaiah 61 One is a ministry team dedicated to bringing worshipers into the Presence of God. Their focus is always on worshiping rather than performing, making them unique among contemporary praise and worship groups. Fans describe their worship services as “anointed,” “fresh,” and “glorious,” and several evangelists have commended the band’s willingness to seek the Lord’s Presence rather than simply running through a list of songs.

Danny and Rachel Powell, the band’s leaders, bring a wealth of experience to their ministry, with over 20 years of touring, playing, and recording blues, rock, and Southern Gospel music. Their primary influences include contemporary worship groups such as Bethel, Gateway Worship, Jesus Culture, Hillsong, and Enter the Worship Circle.

Based in the Pineywoods of East Texas, Isaiah 61 One’s debut EP, “Make Me Shine!”, has achieved both national and international success. The album regularly streams in the United States, Italy, Germany, Portugal, Spain, Russia, and South Korea. Surprisingly, the band’s single “Make Me Shine” is getting significant play in China, where Christianity is illegal. Sales of the EP overseas rival those of the numbers posted in the USA!

Currently, Isaiah 61 One is working on a full-length album project tentatively titled “Rise Up,” slated for a Fall 2023 release.

The band is passionate about worshiping Jesus and leading others to the throne. They are available for almost any size event, from a home group with a dozen people to a multiday conference with hundreds of participants. Money is not usually an issue for the band, as they only ask to cover expenses and possibly take up a love offering. To learn more about how Isaiah 61 One can work with you, please contact

The spirit of the Lord God is upon me because the Lord has anointed me; he has sent me to bring good news to the oppressed, to bind up the brokenhearted, to proclaim liberty to the captives, and release to the prisoners; (Isaiah 61:1 NRSV)

Reverend Danny Powell: vocals & guitar

Danny Powell

Danny Powell is the driving force behind Isaiah 61 One, serving as the band’s ringmaster and leading the charge in spreading the Gospel of Christ through music ministry.

Before Danny was born again, he was a professional musician who played bass and guitar with multiple stage, festival, and club bands across the southern United States. His musical background was primarily in blues, jazz, swing, and rock, and he drew on those influences to create the unique sound of Isaiah 61 One.

Today, Danny is not only a talented musician but also an outreach minister at Covenant Church in Rusk, Texas, where he uses his passion for music to inspire others and share the love of Christ. Through his work with Isaiah 61 One and his ministry at Covenant Church, Danny is making a profound impact on the lives of countless people, both locally and beyond.

Home church: Covenant Church

Rachel Powell: vocals & fluteRachel Powell

Rachel is a talented singer who has a deep passion for worship, especially singing harmony. Her heart is filled with joy and gratitude when she sings directly to Jesus, and it’s evident in every note she sings. While Rachel is the lead singer of Isaiah 61 One, she is just as comfortable (if not more so) singing harmony with the rest of the group.

Before Rachel moved to Texas, she dedicated her time to serving in a prophetic ministry based in Columbus, Ohio. Her experiences in the ministry helped to shape her faith and prepare her for the work she is doing now with Isaiah 61 One.

Rachel’s unique vocal talent and her heart for worship make her an essential part of the group, and her contributions to their music are a true gift to their listeners. With her unwavering faith and her beautiful voice, Rachel inspires audiences everywhere to lift their hearts and voices in praise to the Lord.

Home Church: Covenant Church

Trisha Copley: vocals

Trisha Copley

For Trisha, music has always been a constant in her life. However, for many years, she felt that church and anything related to it was not for her. It wasn’t until her parents started attending a cowboy church and urged her to join them that her perspective began to shift.

After attending the church for some time, Trisha approached the music leader about singing a special on Sunday. He invited her to a rehearsal, and from then on, she became a member of the church worship team.

Trisha had never sung Contemporary Praise & Worship until she joined Isaiah 61 One. She believes that God brought her to the group for a reason, and she feels that she has finally found her place. With her soulful voice and deep connection to the Lord, Trisha is an integral part of Isaiah 61 One, and her passion for sharing God’s love through music is sure to inspire and uplift audiences everywhere.

Home Church: Branded By Christ – Rusk, Texas


Lane Kennedy: lead guitar

Lane Kennedy

Lane is a skilled guitarist who has played music his entire life. His love for music was ignited when he attended a concert at just 16 years old featuring The Moving Sidewalks (later known as ZZ Top) and Jimi Hendrix in 1968.

After success as a pest control business owner in Houston, Texas, Lane, and his wife Leslie sold the business and moved to Alto, Texas, where they could enjoy a slower pace of life. It was during this time that Lane felt a strong calling to use his musical talents to spread the love and good news of Jesus Christ.

Lane believes that through the music of Isaiah 61 One, they can help to showcase a true reflection of Jesus to the world, and he hopes that the Body of Christ can become a united force that demonstrates the love of Christ to all. With Lane’s incredible guitar skills and unshakable faith, Isaiah 61 One is sure to inspire and uplift audiences with their heartfelt music.

Home Church: The River – Alto, Texas

Jeremy Bishop: drums

Jeremy Bishop, drummer for Isaiah 61 One praise and worship team sitting behind his kit.

Jeremy, the talented drummer of Isaiah 61 One! With years of experience as a quintessential bar band drummer, Jeremy’s journey wasn’t always easy. But everything changed when he became a father to a baby boy! This new chapter in his life made him realize that he needed to find a new direction, and that direction led him straight to the Father through Christ Jesus.

God called upon Jeremy to use his musical gifts for His glory, and he has since found great success in Praise & Worship music. Jeremy believes that his calling is to bring people closer to God through his music, and he is grateful for the opportunity to do so with Isaiah 61 One. Get ready to be inspired and uplifted by Jeremy’s powerful drumming and unwavering devotion to the Lord!

Home Church: Faith Bridge Community Church – Douglas, Texas

Clyde Sparks: bass guitar

Clyde Sparks

Clyde spent three decades playing music in local bands before he decided to retire. Like many musicians, he realized that playing in bars and clubs no longer brought him the satisfaction it once did. But his retirement from music was short-lived, thanks to a chance encounter with a pastor at Victory Fellowship Church in Nacogdoches, Texas.

When Clyde told his pastor that he had retired from music, the pastor laughed and encouraged him to use his talents to serve the Lord. Clyde heeded the pastor’s call and came out of retirement to play drums, bass, and guitar in the church worship team. His dedication and talent soon earned him a promotion to worship leader, and he has been serving in that role ever since.

Clyde’s mission is to use his decades of musical experience to teach the next generation of worship leaders and spread God’s word through music. He is passionate about creating an atmosphere of worship that draws people closer to Christ, and he believes that his calling is to use music as a tool to inspire and uplift others.

Home Church: Victory Fellowship – Nacogdoches, Texas