Surviving a Nuclear Explosion

Nuclear explosions

The nice thing about nuclear explosions is that before you really understand what’s happening, it doesn’t matter and you don’t care!

During my work week, I meet a lot of very interesting people that I wish I had more time to visit with and get to know. A couple of days ago I met Tom. Tom is a retired professor from SFA University. He called me because of a computer issue he was having that couldn’t be resolved by another repair shop here in town and that shop recommended he call me.

We got to visiting before I took in his machine. We immediately had a good rapport although we were in very different places regarding our respective world views.  We genuinely liked each other and only because of time constraints did I reluctantly leave to go back to work.
This morning I was listening to All Sons and Daughter’s “Great Are You Lord”. One lyric stood out, “It’s Your breath in our lungs…”

Ironically, that made me think of Tom. Yesterday before I returned his computer to him I got an email from him thanking me for the update on his computer (he was quite worried when another shop told him they couldn’t fix it) letting him know that I had the situation in hand and would be returning his workstation that day. In the response, after thanking me for the update, he went on to ask me to do something about President Trump’s impending decision to pull the United States out of the nuclear agreement with Iran.

When I dropped off his computer I could tell he was worried. He had been watching news all day about the nuclear deal. He brought it up again. Asked me to call my senators to demand they reinstate the deal. We talked about that some. In the discourse I let him know that I pretty much stopped watching news TV non-stop (I was a news junkie myself for about 20 years). I was enjoying the sunshine and he was worried about being killed in a nuclear explosion. I told him to not worry, “the nice thing about nuclear explosions is that before you even realize what’s happening you’re gone.” He nervously laughed and then agreed with me.

This is where the lyric comes in, “It’s Your breath, in our lungs…” It reminds me of just how different it is to not be in fear of a nuclear holocaust. Some of that time I’m not watching or listening to the news I’m spending with God. Scripture teaches me that everything is in His hands. Also, that He’s a good father. I am secure in that regardless of what happens to the earth or my body, that He has me. We have numerous prophecies pointing to a time of cataclysmic events on the earth just prior to the Lord’s return. Regardless of the believer’s eschatology, at some point those in Christ Jesus will be with Him for eternity.

Grace ‘n peace

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