Meeting The Minister of Joy

Danny and Mark

Danny Powell and Mark Dupuis

I’ve said that putting together a band wasn’t my original intent. However it is apparent that I never actually did put together a group! Let me explain.

One day months before the very first Night of Worship, I was on Facebook looking through the news feed when I noticed I had an invitation. It was from a guy named Mark Dupuis that I didn’t know inviting me to come play at his church’s “5th Sunday Singing”.

I asked Rachel, “hey, do you know this guy Mark?”. She did not. We looked at his profile and saw that he was a member of Tim Swanson’s congregation at Crossroads Christian Fellowship. I know Tim from working on the computers at KSWP/KAVX radio.  I thought maybe I met Mark through Tim at some point. We didn’t have anything else to do that Sunday evening and thought it might be fun, so Rachel and I went.

We walked in with our instruments (I brought a guitar and a bass), walked up to Mark (I recognized him from his profile pic) and said, “thanks for inviting us.”

Mark had a puzzled look on his face but went along anyway…

We ended up playing with them all evening and had a great time. At that time, I had no idea that Mark had no idea he had invited us to the singing….

Later I found out that instead of inviting us, he had intended to invite “danny n rebecca” instead of “danny n rachel” but when he started typing in “danny”, Facebook auto-filled the rest of the name and he just went on with what he was doing.

That was over a year ago. Mark is now one of my favorite people on the planet and someone I look forward to seeing every chance I get. I’ll explain the “Minister of Joy” reference in a future blog.

Grace ‘n peace

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