Coming right along!

The last couple of days has seen quite a bit of progress on the album. Yesterday I picked up the piano part for Rachel’s song, “Holy”. I debated using outside musicians on the album, because I really want this project to represent the band as we are live, but for “Holy”, I just couldn’t resist. We’ll either have to use a MIDI track to use it live or add a pianist/keyboardist to the group. Rachel thinks I’m a “wuss”, but I cried when I heard the piano part. Last Sunday evening John came to the studio and recorded our first actual vocal track on the CD (there are scratch vocals on the other tracks). Recorded 2 takes and either of them would stand on their own!

The plan now is for Rachel to record a couple vocal tracks tonight and/or tomorrow night. I’ll get Lee in to start doing trumpets next.

Grace ‘n peace

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