Rachel in studio

Rachel in studio about to lay down vocal track

We are currently recording our debut CD project, tentatively titled Make Me Shine. The plan is to spend most of July and part of August recording and then releasing it in September. We have 5 songs already written (Make Me Shine!, In You, Wash Over Me, Into the Light, and Be My Everything) plus have secured rights to record and release Your Great Name and Nothing Without You (the greatest song I wish I’d written!).  So far guitar tracks have been recorded for Make Me Shine! and Your Great Name. With everyone in the group living so far apart it might take a little longer than we anticipate, but we want to make sure we put out a high quality recording that reflects the atmosphere encountered at the live events.

Wash Over Me will probably be a mostly live recording. That’s one that we’ve never actually arranged and we like the spontaneous feel it currently has. We want to capture the atmosphere of that one for the album.

More pictures from the studio to follow…I may have to paint before I take any more pictures! 😀 ~Danny

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